CIB K404AV500G

CIB K404AV500G Network Security Surveillance System Review


Putting an extra measure for added protection to your house or business is never going too far. If you are looking to add one, then you can get security surveillance system. One of the many choices for this device is the CIB K404AV500G Network Security Surveillance system.

This surveillance system has four H.264 video and audio channels, which you can view remotely by means of your computer (Windows or Mac). It also supports viewing through your mobile phones via the internet. The CIB K404AV500G can also be viewed by five different users all in one time. This makes video sharing easier, especially if you need some extra eyes on the camera, without the need of having to give up your personal viewing. 

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You can also be assured that everything that the camera sees stays recorded and saved for a long time with its 500GB hard disk. This eliminates the need of erasing files every day just to free up some space. In addition to that, it has a high resolution VGA output (1280x1024 resolution), so you can be assured of the video quality. It can show real time display and records in 120FPS.

It also has different functions of manual, timer, motion, alarm, and remote recording functions so you can set it to whatever fits your needs best.

CIB K404AV500G: What’s In The Box?

When purchasing CIB K404AV500G system, you will get one H.264 4 CH Stand Alone Network DVR, 500GB HDD, IR Remote control, USB Mouse, DC 12V Adapter with Power Cable, and Network Remote Viewing program.

What Are People Saying About CIB K404AV500G?

If you are attempting to use this for hard core security purposes then CIB K404AV500G may proved to be a little slower compared to those very elaborate cameras. However, this has proven its worth for people who had tried it using for home or small business purposes. It has a very high video quality with clear audio (however, the audio microphone device is not included when you purchase this system).

It is also very inexpensive for four channel security surveillance system, with 500GB hard disk. Set up is also very easy and straight forward.
However, many people noted that K404AV500G gives off a little noise when in use. This may be a consideration for some, but if you can live with a little noise then there would be no problem in getting this model.

Overall, the design and features of this surveillance camera gets a thumb up for users as it leaves them satisfied and well secured.

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